Need Help Balancing Your Food? We Can Help.

The hardest thing about preparing your own food is balancing it correctly. For people whom are afraid of missing the essentials, below is a list of great supplements and ways to make sure you are giving your furry friend everything he or she needs.

Kelp – Rich in Calcium and over 200 other mineral and vitamins, kelp is a great thing to add for those concerned with missing vitamins and minerals in food.

Green veggies – Adding Dark leafy greens to your dog’s food is a great way to make sure they are getting antioxidants and a plethora of vitamins

Wheatgrass – This super food is safe for both dogs and cats. Wheatgrass is not wheat. But a type of grass that is both safe and nontoxic to animals. Wheatgrass also helps keep mouths cleaner by killing harmful bacteria found in the saliva of cats and dogs.

Curcumin–Rich in antioxidants and used for preventative care. Found to have anti cancerous effects, curcumin is a safe and great way to give your dog and cat that extra thing they need to maintain health.

Krill Oil – Contains essential fatty acids and Omegas, and up to 5 times more easily absorbed into the body and tissue of animals then fish oil. What does this mean, it takes one fifth less to achieve the same thing.

Taurine – Necessary for cats to function and survive, we recommend taurine for both cats and dogs. This amino acid supports heart health.

Coconut Oil – A cheap and great supplement for both cats and dogs. Antifungal in nature, a teaspoon a day supports immune health and brain function.

Apple cider vinegar – Aids digestion, and useful to regulate ph, apple cider is the perfect way to maintain a healthy GI tract while supporting kidney and liver function.

Egg Shells – Does your dog or cat like eggs. Adding the egg shells in is a great way to promote bone health and ensure your animal is getting enough calcium and phosphorous. The membrane is beneficial for tissue health.

Magnesium Citrate – Constipation? 1/8 of a teaspoon daily will fix and regulate bowel movement in both cats and dogs. If you dog or cat is stopped up, this mineral supplement with unstop them naturally.

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