Supplements to help your cat with kidney problems.

Cats and their Kidneys

Over eighty percent of cats in America grow to have kidney issues. If you yourself have had felines in the past, then most likely you have dealt with some sort of kidney related ailment.

Because of this, it is increasingly important that we take the time to safe guard our furry loved ones precious organs. Here are a few tips that you can use to strengthen kidney function, and help it do its system filtering job.

1) By incorporating more wet foods into their diet.

The moisture content in your cat’s food is most important important thing in regards to kidney health. Dry food, which is devoid of moisture, is extremely difficult to break down and process. Consistent feeding over the years degrade and damage kidney function by creating a constant state where your cat is dehydrated..

2) Adding a full spectrum probiotic can aid the kidneys in their function. The beneficial bacteria from correct probiotics is capable of using the kidney toxin urea for its own growth. Remember, not all probiotics are the same. Rule of thumb, if it is an animal probiotic, it probably is not completely formulated.

3) Adding a complete enzyme can assist felines in regards to breaking down their food more completely. This encourages both GI tract health, and helps the body to excrete toxins more effectively.

Remember, you cannot use just any enzyme or probiotic. Specific probiotic strains are needed, and a diverse enzyme profile is necessary and demanded in order to reduce sensitivity and rid the body of histamine causing compounds.

3) Nordic Kelp

Rich in vitamins and minerals, the addition of kelp to your felines diet helps regulate thyroid function, while supplying the kidneys with necessary minerals to boost filtering function.
Note: Kelp should not be added if you have cat with HyperThyroidism. Kelp has iodine, so cats with HyperThyroidism should avoid using kelp and can instead use wheatgrass.

4) Essential Fatty Acids

They are not only beneficial for good fur and skin, EFA’s improve blood pressure within the kidneys and help it to dump excess water into bodily tissue. An adequate amount of essential fatty acids are necessary for proper and healthy kidney function. We recommend an Organic Oil blend if you have a sensitive cat, and cod liver oil for those that are relatively healthy.

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