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For dogs or cats with things like reoccurring UTIs, bladder issues, skin eruptions, and sore paws – Thrive is the ultimate in immune support. Anti-mircobial, antibiotic and anti-fungal in formulation, Thrive delivers much needed aid to combat a variety of ailments and issues dogs and cats deal with.

Product Description

Natural Antibiotic, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Microbial


Introducing Thrive, the best in natural supplementation. Effective in combating mild immune system problems, Thrive is the perfect supplement for those trying to remedy immune related problems.

Reoccurring UTIs, skin eruptions, dog biting continually at feet, cat incessantly chewing on their leg – Thrive can help reduce fungal overgrowth, and works to seek out immune invaders and microbials. We recommend reducing starch and sugar while administering Thrive to increase its effectiveness. That means looking at your treats and feeding pure meat treats, and attempting to take sugar and starches like potatoes, pastas, and grains out of the diet.


Suggested Use:

1/2 cap each meal – dogs or cats 15lbs and under
1 cap each meal – dogs or cats 16 to 40lbs
11/2 caps each meal – dogs 41 to 74lbs
2 caps each meal – dogs 75lbs and over

We advise starting slow. For dogs taking Thrive for the first time, you might start at 1/2 a cap each meal for first 2 days, then increase according to the advised amount.

Contents can be removed from capsule and sprinkled onto food.
Store in a cool dry place.


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