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Dog with Gastrointestinal problems? Cat having loose stool or diarrhea. Purify is a complete full spectrum enzyme that works to digest and break down difficult to digest components within food. Ideal for animals with skin issues, throwing up, loose stool, as well as gas and bloating, Purify can make an overwhelming great difference in helping your animal work towards health.

Perfect for dogs and cats having digestion related issue- Gas, Bloating, Food Sensitivity, and Loose Stool. Helps with itching and allergies as well.

Product Description

Dog or Cat Food Intolerance


Is your dog or cat having a difficult time processing or breaking down their food? If so, Purify can make the ultimate difference. Perfect for gas, GI Issues, but also food intolerance and allergies – Purify can make the difference in regards to helping your dog or cat achieve optimal health.

Mild enough for maintenance regimes, Purify can be used as a daily digestive enzyme. For dogs or cats struggling with skin and GI issues, Purify can be mixed with food and used to regulate and restore GI balance and equillibrium.


Suggested Use:

1/2 cap each meal – dogs or cats 15lbs and under
1 cap each meal – dogs or cats 16 to 40lbs
11/2 caps each meal – dogs 41 to 74lbs
2 caps each meal – dogs 75lbs and over

We advise starting slow. For dogs taking Purify for the first time, you might start at 1/2 a cap each meal for first 2 days, then increase according to the advised amount.

Contents can be removed from capsule and sprinkled onto food.
Store in a cool dry place.


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