Intestinal Defense

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Having a dog or cat struggling with skin issues? Intestinal Defense is the perfect supplement for animals that have occurring ear infections, flaky scaly skin, and those having bumps and open sores on their skin.

Intestinal Defense can be mixed with cottage cheese to help mask the smell of the herbs, or contents emptied into some cooked ground turkey. Intestinal Defense can be the difference in helping your dog or cat with allergies to find relief.

Product Description

For Fungal and Yeast Issues

Intestinal Defense is a unique blend of herbal extracts that centers on reducing fungal and yeast overgrowth within animals and people. This time tested formula is a favorite amongst practitioners, and has proven effective in helping to clear up yeast and fungal issues with the following associated symptoms: hot spots, ear infections, flaky scaly skin, and legions on skin.


Suggested Use:

1/2 cap each meal – dogs or cats 20lbs and under
1 cap each meal – dogs or cats 21 to 70lbs
11/2 caps each meal – dogs 71lbs and over

We advise starting slow. For dogs taking Intestinal Defense for the first time, you might start at 1/2 a cap each meal for first 2 days, then increase according to the advised amount.

Contents can be removed from capsule and sprinkled onto food.
Store in a cool dry place.


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