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Formulated to boost immune function and balance the natural ecosystem in both animals as well as people, Immunity is a filler free Probiotic that seeks to provide full body health and care. Especially critical for dogs suffering from Skin Allergies and GI related issues like IBD and Gastritis.

Great for therapeutic needs, but also the perfect Probiotic for maintenance regimes. Immunity contains clinically researched ingredients. This filler free formula is ideal for parents looking to provide the best for their fur children.

Product Description

Probiotics To Balance and Promote Health

Does your dog or cat struggle with immune, skin, or GI issues? If so Immunity is the perfect supplement for your furry loved one. Cultivated using full spectrum live probiotics, Immunity delivers live viable good bacteria to help your dog or cat normalize gastro intestinal activity.

Immunity also restore Flora, good bacteria and a key element in the fight against immune related issues and skin problems seen in animals. Immunity is filler free, and delivers fully digestible live friendly bacteria to your animal’s digestive tract that can help balance and support optimal health. A naturopath favorite, Immunity is highly recommend as an everyday supplement to support your dogs continued health.

Suggested Use:

1/2 cap each meal – dogs or cats 15lbs and under
1 cap each meal – dogs or cats 16 to 40lbs
11/2 caps each meal – dogs 41 to 74lbs
2 caps each meal – dogs 75lbs and over

We advise starting slow. For dogs or cats taking Immunity for the first time, you might start at 1/2 a cap each meal for first 2 days, then increase according to the advised amount.

Contents can be removed from capsule and sprinkled onto food.
Store in a cool dry place.


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