Immune Builder

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Effective boosting immune health, Immune Builder is a veterinarian recommended supplement for immune health and therapeutic care.

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Cancer Proactive Regiments The beta glucans found in mushroom polysaccharides are the immune supporting compounds that define a mushroom as “medicinal.” Immune Builder® is a beta glucan-rich synergistic formula that combines the beta glucans from five different medicinal mushrooms, resulting in an easy to use formula for daily immune support. Safe for both dogs and cats, Immune Builder is the perfect supplement to help your dog or cat boost their immune system and fight infection. Do you have a cat or dog that is constantly sick? Immune Builder is the best way to boost their immune system to both strengthen and ward of illness. Commonly used in cancer protocols and treatments, Immune Builder can also be used as a daily addition to your pets diet to boost immune function and safeguard your pet's health. Suggested Use: Small Dogs (up to 10lbs) - 1/4 cap a day Small Medium (11 to 20lbs) - 1/2 cap a day Medium Dogs (21 to 50lbs) - 1 cap a day Large Dogs (51 to 75lbs) - 1 cap twice a day Extra Large (76lbs and up) - 1 cap three times daily


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