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A great enzyme for daily use, Digestzyme is perfect for dogs and cats who need minor assistance with food digestion. Mild enough to be given daily for an extended period of time, Digestzyme is the perfect enzyme for dogs and cats whom are small and medium small in size.

Digestzyme is also ideal for dogs and cats that are senior in age, or have delicate and sensitive systems.

Product Description

Many skin and food sensitivity issues in dogs and cats arise from the fact that dog and cat foods are over processed and contain ingredients that are difficult to digest.

Here at the PetStaurant, we use both natural supplements and digestive aids to fix and cure skin and food sensitivity issues.

Natural to the canine and feline system, adding a full complex digestive aid assists in the digestive process, completely breaking down food and ingested material. Not only this, Digestzyme is formulated containing L. Acidophilus and B. Longum, which boost the immune system reducing histamine causing substances in the blood.

Recommended for small dogs and cats under 15lbs suffering from:

Skin issues
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Food Sensitivity and Allergies
Cancer and other GI related issues.


Suggested Use:

x1 cap each meal – recommended for dogs and cats under 25 pounds
Contents can be removed from capsules and mixed into food. But Digestzyme is most effective if administered in the capsule.


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