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The Ultimate supplement in regards to your dog or cat’s health – Cleanse. This fully formulated, scientifically supported enzyme works to digest reactionary particles in the GI tract of animals, and also reduces histamine causing substances in the body.

Ideal for Skin and Food allergies, dogs or cats struggling with ear infections, hot spots and skin eruptions, Cleanse is the proven supplement that makes a notable difference in regards to skin and immune challenges. Cleanse works specifically with food, so make sure you give it with food. We also recommend combining it with Intestinal Defense, Thrive and Immunity, a combination that is termed the Whole Leaf Organics Allergy Immune Set.

Product Description

Dog or Cat Food and Skin Allergies


Does your dog suffer from ear infections and hotspots? Does he or she constantly lick their feet and bite at their paws? If so, most likely your dog has a yeast infection.

Cleanse is a system regulating supplement that focuses on breaking down the cell walls of yeasts.

Yeasts have cell walls similar to that of plant material, making it overly difficult for the canine body to digest and control. If your dog is suffering from constant ear infections and hotspots, we recommend switching your diet to a low glycemic diet, feeding only 100 percent pure meat treats, and adding both a Probiotic like Immunity or Ultra Flora, Itchy Skin, and Cleanse to their daily ritual and diet.


Suggested Use:

1/2 cap each meal – dogs or cats 15lbs and under
1 cap each meal – dogs or cats 16 to 40lbs
11/2 caps each meal – dogs 41 to 74lbs
2 caps each meal – dogs 75lbs and over

We advise starting slow. For dogs taking Cleanse for the first time, you might start at 1/2 a cap each meal for first 2 days, then increase according to the advised amount.

Contents can be removed from capsule and sprinkled onto food.
Store in a cool dry place.


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