Dog or Cat suffering from Allergies?


The PetStaurant can help.

What we do best is help people create regiments to care for their pets holistically in regards to food and skin allergies.

Is your dog biting their paws? Using their hind legs to scratch their stomach? Having constant skin break outs and hot spots? Biting above their tail? Relief  awaits.

What is not a cure to dog or cat food allergies is antibiotics and steroids like Temerail P and Prednisone. These drugs only suppress symptoms, and do nothing to fix and cure the actual problem.

You can text (916) 996-6610 to schedule a consultation, or fill out the form below. Our expert nutritionists and hypoallergenic specialists will work with you to devise the perfect feeding plan and wellness program that best suits you and your family.

NOTE: The best and easiest way to get a consultation is by texting (916) 996-6610. This is the direct contact information for Marc Ching, the owner and person that you will be having the consult with. Due to the high amount of emails, he has a very difficult time returning emails. The best way to secure a consult is through text message.

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