Our Store

Since our opening… who we are as a store and as an organization has changed dramatically.

In the beginning, we thought we were going to be this company that made this exceptionally great food for both dogs and cats.
And while this is still a primary mission and something we excel greatly at, The PetStaurant has quickly changed and has become
much more than just a food and brand – we are a way of life.<br /><br />

A new way of thinking. A new way of feeding your pet. And a new way through which we teach people
how to better love their animals.<br /><br />

We work with families, and help people to learn how to care for their pets correctly.
Not through the use of just conventional medicine and veterinarian care. But by going back to basics, and bringing our thinking closer to that of nature.
<br /><br />

Cats and dogs are much more simplistic than people think. And it is the veterinarian system that has made caring for our furry loved ones complicated and hard.
We believe more than anything that the root of most of the diseases and ailments that plague our animals are dietary based. Caused by improper nutrition, and by feeding food and treats that contain ingredients animals have a difficult time processing.<br /><br />

Here at the PetStaurant, we focus solely on dog and cat nutrition and wellness. We believe in species appropriate diets, and help families build feeding regiments that are supportive in nature.<br /><br />

Most of all, we put families and their animals first. We offer free consults. Help people to learn how to cook or prepare meals for their pets. And help families with animals suffering from disease and ailments find both hope and new life.<br /><br /><br /><br />