Vitamin rich with disease fighting elements


Spinach contains twice as much iron in comparison with most other greens. Like other chlorophyll and carotene – containing vegetables, it is antioxidant rich. Spinach is also and excellent source of calcium, potassium, fiber, and A, B and K vitamins.


A great source of vitamins and minerals, squash is the perfect canine vegetable. Easy on the stomach and very digestible, it acts as an dense source of potassium, folic acid, carotenes, and Vitamin C.


As one of the healthiest vegetables on Earth, broccoli provides a number of essential vitamins and minerals. High in both calcium and potassium, it helps strengthen bones, teeth, and aids in digestion and the metabolization of food.

Bok Choy

Low in fat and carbs, Bok Choy is a great densely packed vegetable high in calcium, dietary fiber, and Vitamin A and C. Containing powerful antioxidizing agents, this vegetable is a must for the canine diet.

Snow Peas

Nutrient dense and vitamin rich, snow peas contain an insoluble fiber that is good for digestion and can help lower cholesterol levels. Snow Peas also contain iron, a mineral most plant sources lack which is essential in strengthening teeth and bones.


Oranges are an excellent source of Vitamin C and flavonoids. They are high in calcium, iodine, phosphorus, zinc, and chlorine. Packed with over 170 different phytonutrients and more than 60 flavonoids, oranges contribute greatly to canine health.

Green Beans

Rich in dietary fiber, green beans aid canines in digestion and the flushing of their systems. Green Beans are an excellent source of folates, vitamin-B6, thiamin, calcium, phosphorous, and manganese..


The richest vegetable source of the pro-vitamin A carotene. Densely packed with antioxidizing agents that help protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer. The elements in carrots are especially beneficial and helpful in strengthening canine vision.


A great source of fiber aiding in canine digestion. Kale contains the glucosinolate isothiocyanate that fights the formation of certain harmful bacteria in the stomach lining of dogs. High in both antioxidants and flavonoids, kale is a powerful and highly recommended veggie.


Rich in Calcium, kelp. helps promote the strengthening of teeth and bones. It also works to boost the immune system, helping dogs to fight of disease and infection. Kelp contains bioactive compounds that help combat heart disease and caner.


Sweet and great tasting, most dogs seem to love the presence of Yams in their foods. Nutrient dense and loaded with vitamins and minerals, Yams offer an abundance of benefits and helps promote health and positive living.


A rich source of Vitamin C and copper. Two nutrients that help protect cells in the body from oxygen related damage due to free radicals. Pears are also known as a hypo-allergenic fruit, and is great for dogs with very sensitive stomachs.


Celery provides an excellent source of Vitamin C and fiber. It is also a very good source of folic acid, potassium, and B vitamins.
It contains phytochemical compounds called coumarins that are effective in preventing cancer enhancing the activity of certain white blood cells.


A rich source of essential fatty acids, which are important for development and maintenance of the brain, heart, and liver. Contains bioactive compounds called lignans, which helps prevent cancer.