Elevated Creatinine and BUN?

Best Ways to Regulate Kidney Function

When it comes to both dogs and cats, the filtering system of the body is of extreme importance, mainly because pets in America and in other countries exist on highly processed foods. Foods that are highly processed contain more toxic material and components difficult to break down and assimilate. If you have a dog or cat and you are looking to provide additional organ support, here are some things you can add to your wellness program.

1) Use high quality meats.

Low quality meats like by-products and fatty trim that contains skin and fat layers are more difficult to break down and contain a higher amount of urea (a toxic waste product that is made when the body breaks down protein).

2) Change your water from tap to alkaline of mineral structured (or at least filtered).

Changing your water to at least filtered helps to remove heavy materials and other compounds that are kidney damaging. Water with a ph of 8.5 is even more beneficial for dogs that have high BUN of creatinine.


3) Adding Nettle leaf

x2 drops of pure tincture a day into food per ten pounds of body weight. This increases the amount of oxygen in your pet’s blood which helps both circulation and other organs.

4) Cranberry extract and Burdock root can help the kidneys by flushing extra toxins out the soft tissue in the bodies of people and animals. Burdock is also anti cancerous in nature, and is relatively safe for cats and dogs on a daily basis.

5) Try limiting medications being used. Especially things like Pepcid for your animals whom are throwing up bile. This is usually a feeding problem, representing the fact that your dog or cat does not have enough food in their stomach, so bile and acid is coming up.

Reducing the amount of medication we are giving our animals make it easier for the kidneys to filter blood. There are less toxins present, and less the organ itself has to work on excreting.

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