Loose stools, throwing up and vomiting? We can help.

If you have a dog or cat that is throwing up, has GI problems, loose stools, or vomiting, we can definitely help. We are experts at fixing GI issues such as IBD and Pancreatitis. You do not need to use medications like Flagyl, antibiotics and Pepcid. All you need to do is know what you can feed, and how.
If your dog or cat is throwing up frothy white stuff, yellow foamy substances, or green bile, you actually have a feeding problem. What we mean by this – is your dog or cat is going to long without food. Their stomachs are empty, and acid is coming up and out. Usually biling (this is what it is called) will happen at night or in the early morning. If you think about it, your dog or cat usually is not feed at this time, so acid is coming up as a result of their stomachs being empty for to long.

How to fix?

Try feeding later at night, or feeding three times a day instead of two.
If you have food out and your dog is just not eating, most likely they hate the food and are starving themselves because the food is not agreeing with them. Try changing foods and feeding something more species appropriate or tastier.

Cat with IBD and diarrhea? The most common reason we find is that your cat is reacting to the additives in their food. We are not talking about the meat source or the vegetables, we are talking about the twenty to thirty other ingredients on the label. For severe IBD cases we recommend you cooking or preparing your own food.
Cats have a very difficult time processing and breaking down dry cat food, thus causing inflammation in their GI tract. Because dry kibble is increasingly difficult to break down, over time this can cause a chronic inflammatory response which can lead to inflammatory bowel disease and frequent diarrhea related issues.
Changing to a natural self-prepared food is sometimes an instant cure, and a great way to help your cat function and feel better. Supplements that can help your cats IBD issue – slippery elm, probiotic, curcumin, and a mild enzyme.

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