Is your pet itching and scratching their skin?

If your pet is itching and scratching at their skin, most likely they are experiencing some type food sensitivity.

Here at the PetStaurant, we excel at helping animal owners provide relief for their itchy animals. Our treatments begin with the food they are eating because we believe diet to be the root cause of almost all itching related issues that are not flea or insect caused.

How do I know if my dog or cat has a food issue? Most likely they will be itching uncontrollably.

Major signs in dogs…

  1. The licking of their paws.
  2. Biting above their tails. At times the biting can be so severe they will chew a portion of their fur off.
  3. Using their hind legs to scratch their stomachs.
  4. Scratching at their arms of biting the foot of leg area.
  5. Ear infections. Ear infections are almost always yeast or fungus associated.
  6. Light black spotted looking skin and/or hotspots.
  7. The falling out of hair and the appearance of scaly skin

Major signs in cats…

  1. Over grooming
  2. Constant licking to where their fur is coming off.
  3. Fur coming off in patches
  4. The appearance of scaly skin
How to fix the issue?

If you have a dog or cat suffering from a few of these symptoms, then most likely you have food problem.

For severe cases we recommend not feeding kibble (dry dog and cat food), and cooking your own. We understand that this is time consuming and more expensive, but when we make our own food we control exactly what or dog or cat eats.

We also highly recommend supplements, and in some cases many dogs or cats cannot get better without using certain probiotic and digestive aids.

Dog Skin Allergy Combination Set Pack

Our dog food allergy combination starter pack consists of four specific products designed to fix food allergies and intolerances in dogs and cats. The products we use have been reviewed and approved by holistic veterinarians for animal use. Here at the PetStaurant, we use human products to fix both ailments and disorders in animals because we find animal supplements to be loaded with fillers and other ingredients, but also much lower in quality.

Dog Skin Allergy Starter Pack

Cleanse: Helps reduce food sensitivity and reactionary substances in the blood. This enzyme supplement is formulated to support proper digestion, but more importantly, it breaks down histamine and reactionary causing substances in food.

Immunity: Boost the immune system, and allows the body to naturally fight of both yeast, fungus, and bacterial components in the body. Immunity works to build Flora, a key component in trying to combat and cure your dog of his or her skin allergies.

Purify: Works to make food non-reactive, breaking down plant cell walls and yeast fungi cell walls. Purify does exactly what it says, and purifies the blood stream of reactionary compounds. It works to reduce ear discharge, and minimize the occurrence of hotspots and sores.

Intestinal Support: This herbal blend works to restore GI Tract health, and is formulated using anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and inflammation reducing herbs and extracts. Designed specifically to boost immune response, Intestinal Support helps the body reduce red inflamed skin and itchy paws.

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