Is your dog or cat suffering from food or skin allergies?

Dogs with Skin and Food Allergies

Dog skin and food allergies is the most common canine ailment, affecting close to seventy percent of all dogs in America.

What this means? Is that there is a pandemic, and that something is seriously wrong with the way in which we care and feed our dogs.

If your dog is itching and scratching. Has constant ear infections, hot spots, and skin lesions – then your dog may be reacting to their food.

Are you one of those whom have already visited a dermatologist and spent a great amount of money on an expensive allergy test? If you are, and your dog is still itching and has not found relief, you may have to reexamine what you are feeding.

How to potentially help your dog’s skin allergies?

1) By changing their food.

We recommend either a raw, dehydrated, or home prepared option. We favor home prepared above all others. Why? Because you control the ingredients, and you can use things considered species appropriate and food sensitivity safe.

2) Using an Enzyme and Probiotic to reduce food sensitivity and restore GI tract balance and health.

Remember, you cannot use just any enzyme or probiotic. Specific probiotic strains are needed, and a diverse enzyme profile is necessary and demanded in order to reduce sensitivity and rid the body of histamine causing compounds.

3) Apple cider vinegar and Coconut Oil

Apple cider vinegar helps to alkaline the body, and coconut oil is anti fungal and restorative in nature, helping to reduce reactionary situations in a dog’s body.

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