Homemade kidney diets – control the ingredients and what you feed.

The Perfect Kidney Diet

When it comes to cats and their kidneys, feeding a diet that is preventative and protective in nature is encouraged.

Why? Because of eighty percent of cats in America run into some kind of problem with their kidneys.

Here at the PetStaurant, we feel the best way to safeguard your cat’s kidneys is to self prepare your own meals. The reason for this is that commercial cat foods are made with ingredients that are imperfect in nature. These companies are trying to make money, so add things that cats have difficulty processing like potatoes and carrots.

Preparing your own cat food is not hard, it just takes some time, understanding, and education. Here is a great kidney friendly cat recipe that is for both growth and maintenance.

1) Choose a meat source…

Cats do well with both poultry and fish. We favor lean cuts like chicken or turkey breast, or whitefish. For those whom have heavy metal concerns, you can choose to use poultry instead. However, some cats are extremely picky, so you may have to cater to their needs.

2) You can either cook your meals, or feed them raw.

Here at the PetStaurant, we are proponents for both types of feeding. Through watching our patients, we find that many dogs and cats excel on raw diets. However, we have found that this is not the case for every animal. Some of our patients do increasingly better on cooked diets. So you will have to decide what you think is best for your furry loved one.

Cooked Chicken or Turkey Recipe…

3 lb chicken or turkey
You can use ground, or cut breast or leg meat into chunks. Some cats prefer patte style (use ground for this), others prefer chunk

2 egg with yolk
3 tsp fish oil or a essential fatty acid seed oil mix
4 ounces of chicken or turkey liver
x2 cap taurine powder supplement
1/4 tsp Wheatgrass
1/4 tsp Milk Thistle
1/8tsp turmeric
1/8 tsp Dandelion Root Powder

How to Prepare…

Cook poultry in a non stick stock pot. Do not add any oil or butter or seasonings. For every pound of poultry, you can add 1tbsp filtered water.

Add Liver and eggs to poultry, and cook till lightly browned.
You do not want to fully cook the meat, you are looking for it to be medium or medium well to preserve some of the natural enzymes and properties in the meat itself.

Let meat cool, add taurine by opening the capsule into the food. Mix in the Wheatgrass, Milk Thistle, Turmeric, and Dandelion Root Powder.

We add the herbs for mineral content and its antioxidizing and kidney protecting properties.

Mix in fish or seed oil. You can freeze your cat’s food into portioned containers so you do not have to cook everyday. Many of our patients and customers cook in bulk for two weeks at a time. They defrost preportioned meals as they go.

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