11745554_500930720072839_7969728356116718389_nMy name is Holly

My skin is red like fire. I have a fever. I am sensitive to the touch…

Today is my first day with the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, and Marc is promising me a new life filled with things that I could not even dream possible or true.

I am a young dog. Probably not even one year in age. But for most of my life my skin has been inflamed and infected. Who I am has been struggling trying to live a life free of pain and the persecution of my own body.

How I got into this condition in the first place, Marc feels it was a situation of abuse and neglect. Currently, certain areas on my body are patched with blood. The hair on all my feet I ripped off because I cannot stop attacking my skin. I am under weight. Under nourished. Scarred and smell like rotting flesh. I am set to begin the first day of what Marc terms to be “the rest of my life.”

He promises that in one month I will look completely different. That I will be able to live in my own body. That I will no longer be at war with my skin. Why I do not believe him, is because I have been suffering for so long that to think of a life free from pain – I cannot imagine.

But I guess in life, healing and moving forward is about trust. It’s about believing in things we cannot see, trusting our instincts to judge situations and the people around us. I feel that Marc is good person and wants the best for me. I mean he did come to save me. And he is inviting me into his own home.

He told me tonight that I will have a pillow and blanket. And that I will sleep next to his own bed. What a dream if that actually comes true. A pillow. A bed. A home.

What a dream…