Food Allergy Recipe

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When trying to quell or attend to a food allergy problem, the most important thing is having your dog or cat on a sound diet. We believe in the self preparation of foods, our reason being – you control each ingredient that goes into what you are feeding. A diet low in starch and sugar is the preferred diet in regards to treating a food or skin allergy.

We always recommend white fish as a protein source. It is the easiest to digest and termed non reactive. The one drawback with fish is that it is low calorie, so you will have to feed more then you would if using beef or turkey to keep weight on.

Food Allergy Recipe:

11/2lbs meat (we recommend fish, but you can use almost any meat, chicken is not preferred

1 pound of green veggies (no colored vegetables, no fruit)
green beans
bell pepper

Cook meat and diced veggies in a stock pot. Do not keep the lid on. Do not add oil or water. Using a stock pot, the high edges of the pot will keep moisture inside the pot, and during the cooking process moisture will seep out of the vegetables and meat to create its own broth. Stir so the meat and veggies do not burn.

Cook until the meat is cooked and the veggies semi soft. If your dog is really picky, you may have to cut your veggies into tiny pieces, and you probably will have to pick a tastier meat. Some dogs do not like fish.

You can cook in bulk, and freeze so you do not have to cook daily. Your dog will eat 3.5 to 4 percent of his or her body weight. If your dog throws up bile, it means you are most likely feeding to little. So you should up your food or feed three meals a day. The drawback with feeding three meals is that if you are using the Cleanse supplement to help remedy the itching, you will have to give that each meal.

We also recommend adding the PetStaurant herbal multi vitamin pack. It is a non reactive supplement multi vitamin that contains no fillers or sugars.

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