Cancer Recipe for Dogs

The best way to feed a dog’s that has been diagnosed with cancer is through self preparing your own meals.

Why? Because you control both the ingredients being used and the quality of the food.

The biggest worry and point of concern are two things:

1)      Balancing the diet
2)      And using the correct ingredients to achieve the correct results.

Balancing the diet is a little more difficult because small things can be over looked. In general, dogs lack some of the enzymes human beings have, so preparing the food correctly and using species appropriate ingredients is very important. Calcium and essential fatty acids are another component commonly over looked in home prepared meals – making sure you have the adequate amount to promote growth and health.

In regards to cancer – diet becomes the basis of everything. Almost all cancers are diet related. How can this be?

Because it’s the feeding of foods and specific things that contain many additives and ingredients difficult to process, which generally cause cancer. Things like grains, potatoes, pumpkin, and other high starch food choices are often difficult to break down and digest for animals – then push through the intestinal tract undigested, which often creates a breeding ground for cancer.

The key when it comes to cancer is not feeding it. This means no sugars or starch. Carrots are not recommended because they break down into simple sugars. No fruits, grains, and anything that lives under the ground like potatoes and yams. Also, take the time to look at the labels of the treats you are feeding. They should be 100 percent pure meat treats.


The first step is choosing a meat source.

We try to help people keep cooking economical, so recommend cheaper cuts of meats. For those thinking they need to do organic to achieve good and correct health, we recommend it, but it is not necessary. Remember, if you were feeding dog food, regardless of what brand, it is dog food. So if you are preparing your own meals using foods that you get from a grocery store, the quality is already 1000 percent better and healthier than the foods used in any type of commercial product.

Good meats to choose from…

Turkey Breast (lean ground is okay too)
Chicken Breast (if you are concerned about a chicken allergy then do not use)
Beef chuck roast or other similar cuts of meat (if using ground beef we suggest using 85/15 or better)
Whitefish – this is the best and most nonreactive meat source you can use. Some dogs hate fish, fyi.
Offal (liver / hearts) – needs to be less than 15% of diet.
Bison / Pheasant / Vension – hard to find, but excellent choices as well

Cut meat and cook in a stock pot. We recommend an anodized stock pot.

Do not add any water, oil or salt when cooking. Boiling meats denature proteins, and will make your home prepared meals lacking in the fundamental building blocks for good health.

Veggie Mix…

We prefer you use mostly green vegetables, just no peas. List of good vegetables…

Broccoli Flowerets (anti cancerous)
Green Beans
Bok Choy
Alfalfa Sprouts
Dandelion Greens
Bell Peppers (Red – anti cancerous)

Your Veggie mix can either be steamed or blended / emulsified raw. If you steam your veggies, we suggest adding a multi vitamin that is filler free. We like Pet Kelp Joint and Bone. Its cheap and simple.

If you blend or emulsify the veggies, add them in raw. Blending and emulsifying break down hard to digest plant cell walls making veggies much more easy to assimilate. Adding blended raw veggies is very healthy and highly recommended. If your dog is picky, then its recommended to steam the veggies and shy away from bitter veggies like dandelion greens.

Meat should be minimum 60% of the diet. The veggie mix maximum the other 40.

We recommend 70 / 30. This meat to veggie ratio is more ideal for adequate health.

You can cook and package food in portions, freezing them so you do not have to cook every day. An easier way to prepare the foods is adding the meat and veggies into the pot all at once and cook it all together. We recommend separating it, but doing it all together is a choice.

Before serving we suggest adding the following…

1tsp cold pressed coconut oil
1tsp kelp powder (this varies according to weight of dog and should not be used if your dog is hyperthyroid)
1tsp apple cider vinegar (if they like it, some dogs do not love the taste of it)
x1 Probiotic
x1 Coriolus PSP (the best supplement you can add to your dog’s diet)
x1 tsp cottage cheese



We highly recommend the use of supplements if you have a dog or cat living with cancer. Supplements provide the best and most natural way to help the body thrive in the presence of cancer.

We recommend NOT using any dog products. Meaning, dog probiotics, dog chewable vitamins, dog enzymes. In many cases these do not work and contain fillers and additives that make the problem much worse. The products on our site are human products that we use in treating dogs and cats with ailments. They are all veterinarian approved.




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