Bile and throwing up – you may be feeding incorrectly.

Does your dog or cat throw up bile or white / yellow frothy foam?

If so, your dog or cat is biling. And while vets prescribe Pepcid and similar antacids to treat the problem, here at the PetStaurant, we fix these issues by properly educating people on why it is happening and what is going on.

Biling is a feeding problem. What we mean by this is your dog or cat is going to long of period without food in their stomach. If your notice or look at when this happens, it usually happens in the middle of the night or the early morning before you feed.

What this means and what your pet is trying to tell you – change the way you feed me.

Bile and throwing up can be fixed by adjusting your feeding schedule. You might want to try feeding three times a day, so your pet has food in their stomach more consistently and more evenly. You might also try feeding later at night, or giving a substantial size treat to your pet before bed. Treating before bed gets food and sustenance into their stomachs, helping to absorb acid.

If you are feeding, but your dog or cat is just not eating, more likely they do not like their food. Cats are very picky, and will literally starve themselves. Dogs, while most people think will just eat anything, a vast majority of them are very picky. What to feed to get them to eat? Every cat and dog is different. But we recommend you seek out grain and potato free choices. Dogs and cats seem to do better without these elements in their diet.

Feeding more frequent but still struggling with bile problems?

You may have to add an enzyme. Some dogs and cats are enzyme deficient. Meaning, their body is lacking the proper enzymes need to break down and absorb their food, so it is going right through them. Adding the enzyme with help your pet to absorb what he or she is eating.

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