Even though you love me, that is still no excuse – even though I love you too…

My name is Bentley, and my mother is a drug addict. A drug addict whose journey through life has not been easy. Not been easy in regards to her finding who she is and learning that she needs to become dependent on only one person – herself.

She loves me. And I can see that she is trying to find the help needed to overcome addiction. But even if you love me – that is still no reason to be neglectful, that is still no reason not to care and attend to me while you try to journey your way out of hell.

Two weeks ago my mother left me in the care of a pet sitter, who became concerned of my deteriorating condition and brought me to the PetStaurant to see Marc.

When we arrived at the PetStaurant, Marc considered my situation to be one of abuse. He told me that even though my mother loves me, that my frail and terrible condition was a result of neglect. Her addiction and the fact that she cannot even care for herself has left me in a horrible state where literally all my teeth fell out, and my jaw seems to be missing. Where my lower jaw should be, there is just fleshy skin. I cannot really eat because I am in so much pain. My mouth cannot close because my jaw is missing. I am emaciated. I am beyond skinny. My skin is infected. I need help.

When the person watching me saw my deteriorating condition, she brought me to see Marc because she knew that he would help me. My situation is delicate, and really Marc is trying to proceed with both respect and caution. He truly believes that my mother loves me. Still yet, he feels that I need help even though I am not his dog, or a part of the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.

Literally right now at this moment, I am waiting at a vet with Marc receiving care. The doctor told him she thinks my jaw became infected due to neglect, and that the bacteria and infection literally ate my jaw and the bone in my mouth. Marc told me even if it’s a few thousand, he will still get me the help I need. My jaw and all my teeth fell out because my mother could not care for me.

It is sad. It is surreal. That is what drugs and addiction brings.

What will happen to me going forward? Marc is going to try to speak to my mother to try to convince her to surrender me. Sometimes in life, even though we love someone – if we cannot take care of ourselves it is right and humane to give what we love away so I can live a better life apart from the suffering. Marc told me if I was a human child, neglect this severe would be a crime and that my mother would be jailed.

In the end, Marc told me he believes that life itself can be this crazy confusing place. And that each person’s journey centers on self realization. Finding who we are and who we were meant to be. Some make the journey. Some fail.

For now, Marc is looking for a foster that can care for me while my mother straightens out her life. If she never does and cannot overcome her addiction, Marc will move to take custody of me and find me a home that will love me in my final days.

Please share my story so I can find the help I need. I am looking for a foster and a possible home. We will also be accepting donations to help pay for my medical bills.

I am only 9 years old, but I look 20. I am 31/2 pounds. Yorkie. My name is Bentley. I have no jaw.