1imageMy name is Benny

I was picked up in Downey yesterday by the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. My case and situation is a lot different from the cases Marc usually tends to, but when he heard details about who I was, he rushed down here so I could have a chance at a better tomorrow.

You see – I was born deformed. My back legs are twisted forward, and my front legs are disfigured in a way that makes using them completely impossible. The pads of my paws grew on top of my feet, and even my face is not exactly aligned or proportioned.

Who would want a dog like me… I do not know. I ended up being given away and possibly mistreated because I am different. Because I am not normal. And because I am not perfect.

When I met Marc, he rushed me to the vet to make sure my legs were not broken or the result of an abusive situation. He is contemplating, and asking those around him for advise on how to make my future a future full of possibility.

He asked me on the drive, how a little dog like me makes it through life not being able to utilize my main functionality – my legs. I told him… inwardly I am strong and that I learned to make do with what I have and what I was born with. I know I am not perfect, but neither is he, nor each of you.

What I am is a soul that matters. What I am is a voice for other people and living things that were born disadvantaged. What I am is a story of a great and loud voice trapped inside a disfigured body – waiting for my chance to compose the greatest ballad to the world and say… I am good enough. I will survive. And that I matter.

If anyone has suggestions, Marc is completely open to how he can help me walk or live a successful life. He will do anything he is capable of to give me a chance. To help me find that dream we are all looking to find – a place for me to call home. And a place that is built out of these exact letters. L. O. V. E.

This morning when I woke, I whispered these words into the wind…

I am good enough. I matter. And I believe that those around will help me to find my way home.