Who they are – is what they eat…


One of the most important things when it comes to keeping your dog healthy is nutrition. What goes into your dog’s body certainly affects their physical and mental well being, and feeding them a healthy diet can work to prevent a wide variety of dog diseases.

While it may be difficult to feed your dog the right foods all of the time, feeding them the right foods at least some of the time can go a long way in helping your dogs grow and stay healthy.

Food from the PetStaurant is 100% real and all natural. Our foods are prepared in the same ways in which we would prepare them for ourselves, containing no preservatives or added salts. Every PetStaurant meal is infused with a number of different herbs which helps boost your dogs immune functioning keeping them healthier.

Most PetStaurant meals are lightly cooked. We do this because we believe cooked foods to be safer then those in a raw diet. A study conducted on twenty-five commercial raw dog and cat foods discovered that 20% were contaminated with Salmonella, while 64% were contaminated by E.Coli.

In addition to this, we mildly steam our vegetables because it helps improve digestibility while keeping nutrients and antioxidizing agents intact. Dogs actually have a very difficult time digesting the vegetable fibers found in raw foods. The steaming process breaks down these fibers making the vegetables digestible so dogs are able to absorb the nutrient rich context.

The benefits of real food


Diet matters greatly when it comes to keeping your pets healthy. Many of the problems dogs acquire later in life are directly associated and linked with diet.

In order to keep your dogs happy and increase their longevity, it is important to feed them the right foods. Dogs are no different then humans, and if constantly fed foods that are unhealthy, will grow to develop a number of health problems and diseases.

What are the benefits of feeding my dog real food?

Unprocessed natural foods contain high amounts of nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. Feeding your dog a diet consisting of real foods can help fight obesity, build stronger bones, and even decrease the likelihood of such things like cancer. Natural and real food diets also help dogs fight against sickness and combat disease by boosting immune functioning.

Real and natural food diets contain no preservatives (chemical or natural), or added supplements. In order to increase the nutrient and antioxidizing profile of natural foods, real leaf or root herbs are infused with meals. Real foods are foods that are 100% natural containing no altered or man made supplements..