Its About Wellness


If you are someone who really loves their pet, then it should be about wellness. Not about trying to make your dog or cat well once they are sick. But about prevention. About feeding right, and about doing right for the one you love.

We hear it everyday, how he or she loves their dog or cat so much. And then we ask what they feed – it is always Science Diet, Natural Balance, Canidae…

If there is one thing that breaks my heart more than anything, it is heaing the things people feed. Dogs and Cats do not have a choice. They eat what we tell them to eat. And they eat what we feed them.

Whether you believe me or not, kibble is not natural. It is not something that grows on trees. Not something that roams free on plains or in pastures. It is something that is beyond dead. Something that contains almost no nutrients and sprayed with Chemicals, Preservatives, and Additives.

Kibble was made for convenience. It was made for people who just wanted something around to pet. Not for people whose Dogs and Cats are a part of their family. There is no such thing as good a kibble. There is better kibble and then there is worse, but there is no such thing as good kibble.

Let me say it again, if you are someone who really loves your pet, then it is about Wellness. It is about feeding right, and about doing right by those you love. Food is happiness for the heart. And a healthy diet means one very healthy happy heart. We do know that for some it is not possible to feed the right foods all of the time. But even feeding the right foods some of the time will go a long way in extending life and happiness.

How can I get PetStaurant meals?


The PetStaurant now has its own officail store where you can get our foods both fresh and frozen.

We are located at:

4344 Van Nuys Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA. 91403
(818) 386-8937

You can also find the PetStaurant at local pet food stores, or purchase us directly through your veterinarian. We are veterinarian recommended, and currently sell our meals through a number vets. We custom make meals according to the age, breed, size, and specific needs of dogs. If you are interested in receiving PetStaurant meals, you call us direct or ask your local pet store or vet to carry our lines.

The PetStaurant is all about customer service, and we believe in our products more than anything. We really do make the best and most nutritious dog and cat foods out there, and know that your furry friend will utterly love our meals.

The PetStaurant is the only all natural real canine and feline food out there. Unlike all other dog food manufactures, we do not use meat by products or sub standard quality meats. All our meats are high end, and our quality is evident when you look inside each dish.

PetStaurant meats are not grinded, and we do this so you can see what exactly your pet is eating. All other pet food producers use meats and animal left overs that cannot be sold in stores, or meats not fit for human consumption. Who knows what you are buying when you purchase can products, kibble, or ground up raw foods.

We ask you to take the PetStaurant challenge, and let your dog decide for you. We are veterinarian approved and recommended – and we are the only pet food for healthy hearts, happy bones, and furry paws. Love your pet and make it PetStaurant!!!