Voted Best Pet Healer 2013 LA Weekly


How it happened?
Who knows, but we are humbled by it.

We have a small store and operation, and we had thought our imprint to be tiny as well. But to be voted Best of LA, maybe we are much more than we had known.

The PetStaurant does not advertise, and we only work and gain new patients and customers through word of mouth.

When we first started, advertising companies would laugh at us when they would call. They would say, we will see how far word of mouth gets you. Being where we are now, I guess pretty far.

We pride ourselves on the work we do, and believe when it comes to healing your pet naturally, that nobody does it better.
I know this is a crazy belief, but if you talk to our patients and hear our many amazing success stories – we were born to do just this. I as a healer and herbalist – Marc Ching – I was born to do just this.

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Check out our Yelp Reviews. From real consumers, and real PetStaurant patients! Yelp

Check out our Yelp Reviews. From real consumers, and real PetStaurant patients! PetStaurant

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Testimonials from real PetStaurant customers…

4/20/2012 Source:

The PetStaurant, and proprietor, Marc, are lifesavers.

We had recently adopted two italian greyhounds, 11 weeks and four months. The food we used to give our first IG was great, but it was bought out by a company we didn’t feel we could ethically endorse, so after weeks of research we settled on a high quality kibble many igs do very well on. Not ours.

Vomiting, pooping eight times a day which smelled HORRID, red itchy paws that our 4 month old was biting all the time and she was super gassy, to boot. They just didn’t seem to be doing well at ALL, even after a few weeks. We brought the girls to The PetStaurant and were immediately welcomed by Marc and his lovely family.

He said to take them off their current food, immediately and that Tilly Rose, the 4 month old, seems to have some minor yeast issues because of it. He strongly urged not having them on kibble, but gave me a high quality option anyway.

So, according to his advice they are now on Honest Kitchen’s Embark, (but again he gave me options and never, ever pressured one or another in ANY way), and gave me specific feeding instructions that are different from what is on the back of the box. He also said the treats I was giving were probably making things worse – Wellness Puppy treats and Zuke’s. He gave them a bunch of Primal Liver Munchies – this is noting but freeze dried turkey liver, a single ingredient so we wouldn’t have to worry about what other ingredients found in various treats may or may not be agreeing with them.

Not only could we return anything we bought if it didn’t work out, but part of the philosophy here is not to overcharge for any of the products they carry. I checked and The PetStaurant is cheaper than any place online or a “brick and mortar” shop I can walk into in my area. To top all this off, Marc told me I could call or text at any time with any questions or concerns I had.

After the first 24 hours we noticed a big difference in our IGs. We are so happy and relieved they are doing so well now and are immensely grateful to Marc. We can’t imagine going ANYWHERE else for our pet food needs.

Sarah T. (Van Nuys, CA.)

Mira’s Facebook Wall Post…

“It looks better than human food!

For the first time in three years instead of begging for my dinner, my dog actually ‘smirked’ tail wagging, as she chowed down on chicken with pears and wheat grass!

My dog Roxy will be a loyal customer. For a dollar a day she eats gourmet!”

11/21/2012 Source:

Marc Ching at The Petstaurant is a miracle worker and a gift from God. I’ve seen him work magic on animals and humans alike. My neighbors dog, a pure bread beagle has been scratching for years. So severely he would sometimes bleed. After 2 months, Cooper never scratches and is happier than ever (as is his owner!) After countless vet visits, trying different shampoos, everything – nothing had worked.

I saw the miracle so I went in with my puppy Harlow. Her eyes had been filled with mucous, The vet told me repeatedly it was allergies. I doubted them so I went to see marc. He gave her his organic white fish dinners. 2 weeks later, not only were her eyes better, but she lost the pound I’ve been trying to get her to lose forever… AND eating triple the amount of food! She’s happy and I’m so grateful for Marc.

He gives, gives, gives and truly has a natural gift. He can smell your dog or cat of cancer, yeast, etc. Life changing diagnosis and treatment.

I can’t say enough about Marc and his lovely family. I want to tell everyone about him and how he is changing the world of healthcare – for pets and humans.

Love you Marc. Thank you for everything!

Shana Yao (Beverly Hills, CA.)

09/19/2011 Source:

I’ve been feeding my two cats Truman and Victor and also our dog Rusty The PetStaurant for nearly 6 + months now and will never turn back! My boyfriend and I are so excited that they’ve opened a retail location so that now others can discover how amazing their food and company are.

We love our pets like extended family and Marc and Linda completely feel that way about their pets as well, and provide only the best food available on the market. Our pets love their food so much, that they all literally freak out when they hear the sound of a container opening now, whether its human food or pet food – it’s too cute!

For dogs, their chicken and wheatgrass formula is awesome since we feed our pets 50% PetStaurant food and 50% dry food. The wheatgrass helps clean out Rusty’s digestive system and also has helped regulate his uh…poo poos. Haha. Our cats are obsessed with their chicken and shrimp. Our pets honestly love all of their food. However, if your pet doesn’t like something, they will even refund you for the food your pet disliked. Now THAT is amazing customer service.

To top everything off, their prices are super, super reasonable. For cat food, it’s about $1 a serving ($2 for a container) and for dog food it’s also about $1 – $1.50 per serving ($3 for a container).

I truly believe that if you feed your pets the right food, it will avoid health problems in the future. Preventative food care is honestly the best health care you can give your pets!

Eileen Lee (Venice, CA)