Tell us what we are doing right, or if you dislike us, how we are wrong.

We encourage you to contact us about anything or at any time. The PetStaurant is a small company compared to most other dog food manufacturers, but we believe so much in the things that we are doing.

What we want more than anything is to serve you better, and want our foods to work for you and family.

Congratulate us. Or critize us beyond all ridicule. What ever you are feeling, we want to know. We are experts at what we, but understand that we cannot please everyone. We may make mistakes at times, and at others, gain huge victories. But in whatever we do you can at least know this – that we have your pets best interests at heart.

So please contact us about anything. Help us grow, but most importantly help us better serve you.

This dish is prepared using a 60/40 meat to vegetable ratio, and is an excellent meal for younger dogs and those who are still growing. In this meal we use %100 Superior Angus beef, which is the finest of cuts and best quality meat one can purchase at a grocer.

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