One person really can make a difference…


Every meal purchased through the PetStaurant, 20% of what we make we donate to a cause.

We do this because we are aware and understand just how many people out here are suffering. The thing that we believe in more than anything, is that change is real and very possible. And that sometimes all somebody needs to make it is a little bit of help, or a chance.

What we do here at the PetStaurant is allow you to pick the causes we support. And not just charity causes – any cause.

Are you sick and need help? Are you a struggling student that needs assistance paying for school? Are you late on your mortgage and in jeopardy of losing your home?

Whatever you may need or how ever you may be suffering, let us help you. Post a cause about yourself, about someone you know – tell us your story.

How to Post and Vote on a Cause

The PetStaurant utilizes Facebook to host our causes. To post a cause, comment on a cause, or vote for a cause – go to our PetStaurant Facebook page.

You can upload a video about your cause, and why you need people to support you. We encourage you to invite your friends and tell as many people as you can about your cause. The more people you tell, the better chance you will have in winning money for your cause.

Remember, any one can post a cause about anything or to support any person. It is very easy to do. Record a video, create a Facebook profile if you do not already have, and post your video on our Facebook page – ThePetstaurant.

Be the change you want to see in the world…