If you won’t eat it – why should they…


For years people have been feeding their dogs foods that as people we cannot consume.Foods produced with meat by products, corn fillers, and left overs animal parts.

Here at the PetStaurant we strongly believe if it is not healthy for you to eat, how can it be for them. And while not all human food is good for dogs, the ones that are, we believe should be prepared how we would prepare them for ourselves.

The PetStaurant brings to you real food savory enough for people to consume. Food tailored specifically to help dogs grow and stay healthy. All our meals are made with the freshest and best ingredients, and we shop in the same places you do to feed your family.
Meals produced by us for your pets will never contain preservatives, added salts, or anything else on a label you cannot understand. Each meal we prepare is infused with natural herbs that strengthen your dog’s immune system, helping them fight off infection and grow healthier bones.

At the PetStaurant, the food we prepare is human grade quality. We try to be as creative as possible in our preparation, changing our menu regularly. What we do is encourage you to sample our product, and believe we are the only pet food company that will do so.

And while our foods are good enough for you, they are definitely even better for your dogs.

So good even you can eat it


When it comes to your dog and their health, feeding them the right foods can do a lot to help them grow and stay healthy. This is why the PetStaurant infuses each meal with essential herbs that should be a must for each dog’s diet. The herbs we use contain active compounds that help strengthen immune functioning and assist in fighting off infection.

Ever notice dogs eating grass?

They may do this for a number of reasons, one of them being using grass as a supplement to gain much needed nutrients. The PetStaurant adds real all natural herbs to each meal, giving your dog the vital nutrients and added nutritional value it needs helping to balance out their diet.

Why do we infused our meals with herbs?

Herbs contain a very diverse and high nutrient profile, and when consumed are very beneficial to dogs, as well as humans. We infuse our foods with a combination of herbs in order to provide meals that meet the nutrient needs for dogs. We believe in natural and real foods, so do not infuse our products with artificial or man made extract forms of vitamins and minerals. We use herbs that wild canines consume, natural herbs that dogs can use to fulfill bodily needs.

Is it okay for me to give herbs to my dog?

There are many herbs out there that are very good for dogs. However, there are some herbs out there that can be potentially dangerous to dogs. This is why we encourage you to buy your food from the PetStaurant. We use the safest and most beneficial herbs, researching and portioning out each herb to fit the canine diet.

Why does my dog need herbs?

Herbs contain active compounds that dogs (as well as humans) can use to boost immune functioning and prevent a variety of diseases. Some herbs offer antioxidizing free-radical removing properties, while others can be used to alleviate certain ailments and prevent chronic diseases. More importantly, herbs are densely packed with vitamins and minerals like iron, magnesium, and calcium.