A healthier option – natural and dehydrated pet foods.

A Healthier Option for your Pet

Both dog and cats now days seem more plagued with health problems and disease than ever before.

Why? Because the foods we are feeding are becoming more and more insufficient in quality.

Marketing and branding have people convinced that choices such as Natural Balance, Canidae, and Nutro are good and healthy options. The truth is, that commercial dog and cat food has become more about profits then healthy feeding and nutrition.

Most of the dog and cat food brands do not make their own foods, and use copackers and private label manufacturers like Diamond pet foods and Pet Performance LLC to make their products. Because they care mostly about profits, all of these companies and brands add cheap fillers like potatoes, rice and oatmeal – key ingredients that are very difficult for canines and felines to process and break down.

This consistent feeding of ingredients difficult to process is the main reason why so many of our pets struggle with kidney failure, skin allergies, food intolerance, and cancer. As education and awareness in regards to pet health increases, many pet owners have begun changing the way the both feed and care for their animals.

Here at the PetStaurant, we are proponents for home prepared diets, raw and natural foods, and also the use and feeding of dehydrated options. Why? Because these diets are both minimally processed and much easier for pets to digest and break down.

Some of our favorite brands include…

Honest Kitchen, Primal Pet Foods, Pure Performance by Grandma Lucys, and Small Batch. While these foods are still commercial and imperfect in formulation, they are a huge leap in the field of commercial pet nutrition, and both dogs and cats excel and do greater on these diets.

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