2015 – Best in Supplements Reports

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Best Supplements for Animals Review

Here at the PetStaurant, we recommend a wide variety of supplements to people whom come in for consults daily that target specific things in both dogs and cats – that work to help them overcome issues or reach places of optimal health. Besides recommending healthy diets, we believe that supplementation plays an important role in the continued health of animals, and place great emphasis on the quality and purity of the supplements that we use.

Below is a list of the supplements that we have seen the greatest benefit from. The list is vastly different from the list people usually encounter in regards to animal supplementation products. We tend to shy away from filler brands like Standard Process and animal supplements containing yeast and sugars like Cosequin and GlycoFlex. We believe and have found through our extensive relationships with the families we help that the fillers in these supplements can cause certain negative reactions in dogs. Like allergy flare ups, GI stool issues, as well as other immune related issues.

Our Best or 2015 Supplements in Review

Best Enzyme:
Purify by Whole Leaf Organics – Complete and mild enough for everyday use, Purify can help break down kibble and works to digest excess starch in the diet, as well as difficult to digest proteins and other hard to break down ingredients like grains and simple sugars.

Best Probiotic:
Restore by Pure Essence – Multi Spectrum and complete in design, Restore is a critical care probiotic that we have seen great results in regards to skin issues. Containing 50 billion cfu per capsule, this filler free formula delivers intense Flora restoration needs when used.

Best Proactive Cancer Supplement:
Envigor by Valia – An all in one Immune Booster, Envigor assembles the best of herbal extracts and bio-available elements into one compound. This unique formula combines Essiac Tea, Curcumin, Olive Leaf, and other proactive compounds together to be preventative in nature.

Best For Allergies:
Cleanse by Whole Leaf Organics – The supplement we recommend most, Cleanse is a unique enzyme that digests the cell wall of Yeast and Fungi in the gastrointestinal tract, but also works to reduce histamine reactionary particles in the bloodstream. This exact supplement has made the biggest difference in our effectiveness as a wellness center, and we highly recommend it to any dog or cat struggling with skin and sensitivity problems.

Best Omega Oil:
Dermal by Herb Inspired – This multi source skin hydrating fish oil is the best in Omega supplementation. Why this one Omega supplement is so much better than the rest? Because it combines both fish oil and seed oil into one powerful formula. Using a combination seeks to remedy sensitivity issues, meaning, if your dog or cat cannot digest fish oil well enough, then they can at least absorb the seed oil.

Best Immune Supplement:
Immune C by Whole Leaf Organics – Powerful, delivering immediate short term immune boosting needs, Immune C makes a sizable difference when it comes to boosting the immune system of your dog or cat. Perfect for animals struggling with compromised immune systems, parasites, as well as GI related issues, Immune C makes the much needed difference.

Best Supplement For Adrenals:
Adrenal EssenceĀ by Pure Essence – Used to help stabilize the adrenal gland, Adrenal Essence can help overly anxious dogs or cats, those having seizures, and even assist in animals struggling with Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome. A great supplement for aging dogs or cats with Cushings of Addisions.

Best Supplement For Itching:
Itchy Skin by Herb Inspired – Treats what its name exemplifies, Itching Itchy Skin works wonders on dogs and cats whom are itching. Like most supplements, Itchy Skin does not work in a day. But when added to food, Itchy Skin gradually reduces the amount and intensity in which dogs and cats struggling with allergies itch. Best used in conjunction with Whole Leaf Organics Cleanse.

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